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Next OMIC (One month Intensive Course):

Next programs: 

4th - 29th July


1st - 26th August 2022 


Both courses in Valencia, Spain


Joe Keeley - Rope, Silks, Aerial Movement, Flexibility 

Patrick McMaster - Hoop, Trapeze, Handstand, Flexibility

Yam Doyev - Aerial Technique, Aerial Conditioning, Straps and Course Director

Both suitable for strong beginners up to advanced

Half the spots have already sold out!

See flyer here

Creat Circus Space, Valencia (Spain)

Here are images from our sold out OMIC, Athens 2021!

Here are images from our sold out OMIC, Athens 24th Aug - 18th September 2020!

** To apply for our next program please email us on – **

Potential locations for 2022 onward - Germany, Spain, UK and Greece

Confirmed dates to be released soon! 


This course is designed for circus artists/students looking to increase their technical skills and strength through an intensive training program. It is also perfect for students who plan on applying to the next professional course at Gravity.

This is an intensive course that runs for 5 days per week for 4 weeks (20 full days of training total).

Students can choose if they would like to book for the full 20 days of course or part/s of it.

Confirmed teachers for this program: 

Yam Doyev - Aerial technique, conditioning and straps as well as course director 

Fynn Neb - rope, silks, aerial movement 

Jennifer Cohen - hoop, trapeze, flexibility, handstand

Classes include:

Aerial Rope, Tissu/Aerial Silks, Straps, Aerial Hoop, and Trapeze.

In addition, all the students will take part in the following complementary classes: Aerial Conditioning, Aerial Technique, Handstand, Floor Acrobatics, Aerial Movement, Flexibility, and more!

This course can accommodate up to 12 students at once.

We offer different courses in two levels - All levels one (inc beginners) and strong beginners - advance

See our teachers page for examples of our amazing coaches.

How to apply

If you wish to be admitted to the course please send a video of up to 3 minutes demonstrating your current circus skills and experience.

There is a lot of interest in this course and we expect a lot of people from all over the world, so the faster you send this, the better chance you will get for the next course.

Please send any questions, comments, or applications to


Cancellation Policy

Please note – when booking on this course you are 100% committed. In the case of a cancellation a refund can not be issued under any circumstances. You can instead try to sell your spot by posting on our facebook page or other social media, at which we point we simply need to confirm that the new student is at a suitable level for the course in question.

Thank you.